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Frank Palmer celebrates 45 years of being in the business… and that’s no joke!

For those of you who know our chairman & CEO and resident prankster, Frank Palmer, you would know he is notorious for playing practical jokes. So, it should come as no surprise that the anniversary of when he joined the agency-world is fittingly on April Fool’s Day.

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Our Chicken. Your Questions.

The Super Bowl is typically the most-watched program of the year in Canada. Last year 7.3 million Canadians tuned into the game and a similar viewership is anticipated for Super Bowl XLVIII. Like many marketers, who bring their A-Game to the Super Bowl, McDonald’s Canada is using the opportunity to remind viewers of its “Our Food. Your Questions.” platform and share new content that helps combat one of the most prevalent myths regarding McDonald’s chicken production.

“Our Chicken. Your Questions.”

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Winter Wondertube

Last night, Tribal Worldwide – Toronto’s Account Director Nick Pigott was one of four guest presenters at Google Toronto’s YouTube Nights, a monthly gathering where select industry professionals hangout and share cool and interesting online videos found on YouTube.  This particular edition of YouTube Nights, Winter Wondertube, explored the horrors and heroes of the holiday season.  For his talk, Nick shared three popular themes that are associated with the holidays and how brands have brought them to life this year: Christmas carols, Christmas sweaters and emotional storytelling.

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Guaranteeing Smiles this Holiday Season

Not all gifts generate the perfect smile.  But with the Player’s Choice Mega Pack, you are guaranteed not only the perfect smile, but a prize in every pouch.  Whoo Hoo.


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Five Wins for DDB Canada and Tribal Worldwide in Communication Arts Advertising Annual 54

Communication Arts, a professional journal for those involved in creativity and visual communication, has released the results of its 54th annual advertising competition. This year, DDB Canada and Tribal Worldwide, have five winning campaigns featured in the highly coveted yearbook of top creative from around the world.

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A story of one-upmanship, new Dueling Imprezas creative shows just how fun Imprezas are to drive

Japanese vehicles are known for quality, not necessarily the driving experience. However, the Subaru Impreza is a driver’s car through and through.  Subaru Canada wanted to let people know that the 2014 Impreza, available in both a four-door and five-door model, has been engineered to provide a truly fun driving experience that the competition simply cannot match.

There is nothing that drives like a Subaru Impreza four-door… except the Subaru Impreza five-door.  So to demonstrate just how capable and fun these two vehicles are to drive, we pitted them against one another in the ultimate testing ground: the desert flats. Set to the song “Dueling Banjos,” the playful creative depicts two Impreza drivers pushing their vehicles to the limit, and loving it, in a friendly head-to-head competition.

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Fuelling Creativity With A Quadricopter

One of the perks of working for DDB Canada is DDB Fuel, a program that gives each employee $250 a year to spend on something that will “fuel their creativity.” A few years ago, I used it to buy a GoPro Camera, and used it on a couple of surfing trips. Last year, I used my Fuel to take Japanese lessons. This year, I bought a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter

While it’s possible to fly the Parrot AR almost right out of the box (after the battery has been charged), mastering it is another story. It’s controlled via an iOS App that streams video directly to your phone, giving you a bird’s eye view of the world:

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From day to day, account coordinator Natasha D’Souza diligently provides assistance related to project management for DDB Canada’s clients such as Subaru Canada, Milk West Canada, Strategic Milk Alliance and more. But outside the office, Natasha recently undertook a momentous feat, cycling 241 kilometers of distance in the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Beginning her training with teammates months before the event, Natasha would ride her bike whenever she could fit time into her schedule after work and on the weekends.

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For the past two years at Toronto’s ShareDDB fundraising event, a hot auction item has been the ten-person banqueting experience at the Serf and Wench Dinner. Won by Julia Morris and shared among her colleagues, this prize offers DDB staff a chance to enjoy an evening of luxury dining serviced by the management committee of DDB Canada.

Earlier this month, the Serf and Wench Dinner took place at managing director of DDB PR, Martine Levy’s home in what attendees and hosts have considered as one of the most memorable experiences as a DDB-er. Playing host, each member of the management committee was assigned to a staff member on the guest list. Dressed in costume, the ‘serf’ or ‘wench’ attended their master of the evening with the highest quality of service from refilling wine glasses to pulling out their chair; should any of the ‘masters’ feel dissatisfied with their service, the management host was punished with tasks such as telling a joke or performing a song. In the picture above, Todd Mackie is seen hand serving Julia Morris her second course as part of a punishment.

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Hot Dog Day

To many, a hot dog is merely a nitrate-filled frankfurter housed in an oblong-shaped bun.  But for us at DDB Canada, its significance runs much deeper.

Back in the early days of our agency, a hardware retailer was sharing with Frank Palmer, about his frustrations with his existing agency partner.  The man lamented the fact that his agency had gotten cavalier in the relationship and, at a recent grand opening, ignored a crucial detail – in this case having hot dogs available on-site for customers.  Frank didn’t hesitate in his response, “Well, we do hot dogs!”  Soon afterwards, we were awarded the business.