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Radar 10am: The Selby is in your Urban Outfitters

The Selby is in your place, and so is Urban Outfitters. It’s a perfect partnership.

Photographer Todd Selby’s detailed and easily recognizable photographic style fits the Urban Outfitters aesthetic to a tee, so it’s no surprise that the two joined forces in the creation of UO’s 2012 catalog. Known for shooting the interiors of some of the quirkiest homes in New York, Selby has taken his work to the hip, youth-driven UO brand.

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Radar DDB 10am Weekly Wrap July 27


The Beckham Surprise

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Radar DDB 10am One Thing: The Beckham Surprise

Photo booths have been a staple of experiential marketing for years, and they’ve only become more interesting with the improvements in digital photography and social sharing. The latest attempt by Adidas goes beyond this by adding a visit from David Beckham to the mix. The soccer superstar surprised fans by joining them as they were trying on the new British Olympic gear by Adidas in a photo booth setting.

Beckham wasn’t the only star of the video, however. What made this such a success was the raw emotion from the people featured in the video (wearing Adidas, of course), from excitement and surprise and more. No doubt the brand was trying to capture the passion that viewers of the Olympics will feel when they watch their country’s athletes this summer.

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Public Art Project: Terracotta Warriors descend on Vancouver

The streets of Vancouver are once again adorned with art celebrating this year’s BC Lion’s Society’s City Public Art Projects. Similar to previous years’ Orcas, Bears, and Eagles, this year, limited edition Terracotta Warrior sculptures have been sponsored by companies, organizations, and individuals, to be painted by BC artists.

Celebrating the cultural diversity of BC and promoting civic pride lie at the heart of this project, as local artists create a unique design and apply it to the surface of a seven-foot custom formed fiberglass figure, the Terracotta Warrior.

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Radar DDB 10am: Weekly Wrap-Up

Looking back on the week’s creative highlights in the online and social realm.

Our 10am One Thing Posts
Onswipe – written by Kumiko Ide
Stanley – written by BJ Vicks
Airtime – written by Laura Muirhead

Creative Inspiration
VW’s Facebook video call banners

Wevther – what to wear based on your local weather, your local weather based on what to wear
A Special Fridge
Google Play Test #0505: Bananas

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Radar DDB 10am One Thing: Airtime

When something promises to give you “The Best Internet You Ever Had,” it’s enough to make you stop and pay attention.

But can something actually deliver on such a promise? Internet vets Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning (of Napster and Facebook fame) hope so. They’ve developed a peer-to-peer video chat startup called Airtime, which aims to bring a Chatroulette-style video chat to Facebook that connects you with both friends and strangers, based on your shared Page interests. If done right, this could be big — Airtime would effectively open up Facebook, often referred to as a ‘closed’ social network, to more easily connect you with people who you don’t already know.

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Radar 10am One Thing – Stanley

“Your wish is my command.”

No, that’s not coming from a blue Genie. It’s Stanley, the interactive player piano.

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Radar 10am One Thing: Onswipe

Onswipe is a digital platform that allows publishers to showcase both their personal and professional online content using responsive design. Most social platforms and publishing tools such as WordPress are mobile and tablet-friendly — however, Onswipe’s responsive design capabilities takes this one step further by scaling and/or adjusting the content to best fit the viewer’s respective device in a highly stylized manner using HTML5. Originally launched for tablets, Onswipe is now available for mobile devices as well.

Similar to popular magazine-like tools such as Flipboard, Onswipe’s touch interface provides a clean and user-friendly experience with embedded content. Publishers are able to customize their content with their brand colors and logo(s), and even choose from various layout permutations based on whether their content is more heavily image or text-based. Like Pickie, Onswipe also allows for social integration through Facebook Connect – creating unique browsing experiences for its users, who can favorite, find, highlight, and share content based on their personal preferences.

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Radar 10am: Weekly Wrap-Up (Friday the 13th Edition)

A look back on the week’s highlights in the online and social realm.


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Radar 10am One Thing: Mapping the Great Indoors

Mapping is hot these days. We wrote about the Apple iOS maps a few weeks ago, and even more recently Google and Toyota teamed up to give even the smallest roads in Brussels the Streetview treatment.

Next up? Interiors. While Google might be photographing these to even further bolster its map offering, a team of Finnish researchers is going one step further by using the earth’s magnetic field to help map and navigate interior spaces using the built-in compass on your phone.

The technology is an offshoot of a university research project, but the developers are already planning on monetizing it by selling the technology and releasing an API.