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Radar DDB 10am One Thing: Luminous Field at Millenium Park

On the most romantic day of the year, we’re happy to share something that gets us excited: Interactive visual experiences under moonlight.

Chicago’s Millennium Park is home to Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture, which is colloquially known as The Bean. It’s a polished steel masterpiece that has become one of the most-photographed Chicago landmarks, and its surface is incredibly reflective, meaning that the surrounding landscape is part of the magic of the art piece. No two photos are the same.

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Radar DDB 10am: Weekly Wrap-Up Feb. 10

10am One Things
Kia and celebrities are a dreamy combo
Lazer tag reinvented for the smartphone generation
Should they claim?

Creative Inspiration
Sunscreen billboard activates when the sun comes out
Chevy helps curate content with banner ad
Friskies cat playhouse
McDonalds plants the seeds for an outdoor ad
OK Go creates music with a Chevy Sonic

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Tribal DDB Vancouver honoured in HOW magazine

HOW’s March issue is packed full of inspiration, as it debuts the winners from their biggest competition – the 2012 International & Interactive Design Annual – featuring nearly 300 award-winning print and interactive designs.

A panel of judges evaluated interactive work based on the following criteria:

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Radar DDB 10am One Thing: Kia and Celebrities Are A Dreamy Combo

Celebrities have long been used to sell cars, and recruiting influencers to help spread marketing messages is a tactic almost as old as advertising itself.

Kia took both of these a step further by recruiting celebrities to appear in their recent Super Bowl commercial based on the reach of their social graph and then contractually obligating these celebrities to share a link to the spot with their followers. Rockers Motley Crue, supermodel Adriana Lima and Mixed Martial Artist Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell all appeared in the spot, and all were chosen based on their appeal and social reach to Kia’s target of Gen-X males.

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Radar DDB 10am One Thing: Reinvented Lazer Tag for the Smartphone Generation

NERF’s Lazer Tag system is reinventing itself this year for the smartphone generation. The Hasbro product will soon be incorporating their plastic guns with AR shooter elements that allow users to insert their iPhone or iPod touch into the view finder. With the Lazer Tag app installed, users will be provided with an increasingly sophisticated gaming experience that includes updated visual elements, gear, and even a leaderboard to track their power level and overall status as they ‘shoot’ their friends.

According to Engadget, the new Lazer Tag system will be available this summer on August 1st. The app will be free, and the plastic guns will be sold for $40 each (or $70 for two).

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Radar DDB 10am One Thing: Should They Claim?

Did you get your fix of high-budget, overproduced ads featuring has-been celebrities on Sunday?

So did we.

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Dx3 Canada Part 2: The New Art of Selling Mobile Location and Payments

I recently attended Dx3 Canada on behalf of Tribal DDB Toronto. As Canada’s first major tradeshow serving digital marketers, digital advertisers, and digital retailers, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the latest technology and give them a test run.

For the second installation of our two-part series, we’ll be discussing the fun new trends in mobile location and payments. You can check out the first part of the series about the effective use of social media. Here are the highlights of the mobile marketing trends:

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Radar DDB 10am: Weekly Wrap-Up Feb. 3

Looking back on the week’s highlights in the online and social realm, from a creative standpoint.

10am One Thing Posts
Super Bowl storytelling
Flying people in New York
Bear 71

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Yellow Paper: We love to share

Social media is undeniably a hot topic in marketing. Yet, with all of the interest and activity, there are amazingly few standout examples to draw on and learn from. This is because social media gets tangled up in the technology when its essence is in human behavior. It has so quickly become a part of our society because it has recognized the fact that people love to share.

Through the centuries, anywhere people gathered, they shared ideas, opinions, and beliefs. Now the Internet and social media allow us to share more, more often, to more people, and at faster speeds than ever before.

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Dx3 Canada Part 1: Social Media Integration

What do you get when you combine almost 3,500 digital marketers, a handful of digital thought leaders and a wrestling ring full of Red Bull-fuelled developers? Dx3 Canada, Canada’s first major tradeshow serving digital marketers, advertisers, and retailers. I was lucky enough to attend on behalf of Tribal DDB Toronto to get my hands on some of the latest gadgets in digital marketing, and pick the brains of industry leaders.

There was so much amazing content to digest, so we’ve broken up the highlights into a two-part series; this post about the effective use of social media and Part Two about the fun new trends in mobile location based marketing and advertising, as well as mobile payments.